Whole Sale and Bulk Order Supplier in Pakistan.

We are a leading manufacturer and bulk order supplier of Salt Crystal Products. Our factory is located near Lahore, Pakistan. We have been manufacturing salt lamps for over a decade. Manufacturing and wholesale of Himalayan Salt products is our only business, and we can proudly say that we are the best.

We are blessed with the best talent Pakistan has to offer. Our craftsmen have been with us since day one. They are paid the best salaries, in their respective fields. Overtime is paid when necessary and medical expenses are paid for all.

We have adopted a number of quality assurance steps to provide our customers with the best products, which are delivered in a timely manner. A performance point system is also in place to assure the quality of our products.

One of the cornerstones of our company policy is to never hire any under-age employees to cut corners in order to save in production costs. We wholeheartedly believe the best place for our children is in schools. We truly hope that others will follow our example and stop hiring under-age employees, so kids can enjoy being just kids.

Our highly skilled labor force craft these products from natural rock salt also known as Himalayan salt, mined from salt beds created from seas which dried out over 250 million years ago. some Geologists put the age of rock-salt found in Khewra at about 600 million years. In geological timescale this time period is called Precambrian. This highest quality natural salt is explored from mountenous earth at the foothills of the Salt Range located at Khewra Salt Mines, Tehsil Pind Dadan Khan, Jhelum District. 200km from Islamabad. Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, Lilla exit. (32°38’47.53″N, 73° 0’25.05″E). Khewra salt mines are the largest mines in the Asia & second largest salt mines in the world.

In 326 BC these resources were discovered by the troops of Alexander the Great, who noted the licking of the stones by their horses.
The salt is normally white,pink & red which contains up to 84 minerals. the Himalayan rock salt is the best salt in the world and an excellent source of negative ions we have so far crafted more than 5000 different designs and styles of salt products and exported our products to more than 50 countries.